The 2013 DATA Report: Financing the Fight for Africa’s Transformation

The 2013 DATA Report: Financing the Fight for Africa’s Transformation
The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) deadline is now less than 1,000 days away. The world has officially entered the final leg of its 15-year journey to halve extreme poverty and reduce child mortality by two-thirds, reverse the tide against HIV/AIDS and malaria, and ensure that more people have access to basic services, such as primary education and safe drinking water.Despite a challenging global economic environment, many poor and middle-income countries are making dramatic progress towards the highly ambitious MDG targets. On the other hand, the performance of a number of large laggard countries is holding back some regions’ rate of progress, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. To help ensure that the world sprints to the 2015 finish line, ONE’s 2013 DATA Report examines the recent progress of individual countries against eight MDG targets, focusing particular attention on sub-Saharan Africa, and compares that progress against African government and donor spending in three key poverty-reducing sectors: health, education, and agriculture.

As the world begins to turn its attention to the post-2015 period, it’s crucial that we build momentum to achieve the current MDGs in the last two-and–a-half years. This will take a concerted effort from African governments, donor governments, and international partners to sustain financing and to ensure transparent and accountable use of all resources for development.


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