Mo Ibrahim Foundation: 2012 Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG)



The IIAG provides an annual assessment of governance performance in Africa. Funded and led by an African institution, and consisting of 88 indicators drawn from 23 independent international data providers, the IIAG is the most comprehensive collection of data on African governance.

The IIAG provides:

  • a framework for citizens, public authorities and partners to assess the effective delivery of public goods and services
  • an instrument for all stakeholders to robustly assess policy outcomes
  • the means to ensure optimal allocation of resources
  • a tool with which to govern
  • strong examples of responsible management
  • a model for success based on a balanced, equitable and inclusive approach to governance

Paucity of data in Africa remains a core concern for the Foundation. To bolster existing data, which will enable more robust assessment of progress in Africa, the Foundation funds two major African initiatives which will provide new sources of data for the IIAG, while also creating a vital resource for all stakeholders.


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