“Making Leaders.” ALPN Founder/Director’s Letter to the Editor in The Economist

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Making leaders

SIR – What the international community needs to do to help foster the emergence of better leadership in Africa is a crucial issue (“Now for Africa”, July 5th). Incentive systems such as the Millennium Challenge Account are based on the false premise that leaders care about the welfare of their fellow citizens and therefore would want to take advantage of assistance to alleviate poverty in their countries. Most leaders are only interested in amassing personal wealth and power.

Realistically, nothing much can be done about the current generation of leaders. America and the rest of the world should therefore fund leadership programmes that would focus primarily on identifying brilliant, uncorrupted young people and providing them with the resources to enable them to become dedicated leaders committed to democracy, liberty and market-based approaches that will foster rapid economic growth.

Michael Isimbabi

Washington, DC

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