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Achebe, Fashola, Mo Ibrahim Link Terrorism to Inequalities

This Day (Nigeria). 24 Dec 2012. By Olawale Olaleye in Lagos and Muhammad Bello in Abuja Participants at the fourth edition of the Chinua Achebe Colloquium on Africa, which held in the…


Africa’s New Sets Of Complex Challenges Dissected At Achebe 2012 Colloquium

USAfrica Online. George Ukomadu Special to USAfrica multimedia networks, Houston • USAfrica: December 7-8, 2012 marked the 4th annual Achebe Colloquium on Africa, held at the prestigious Brown University in Providence, Rhode…


Where Does Africa Stand on Budget Transparency?

BudgIT, a civil society organization based in Lagos, Nigeria, created “A Window on Africa,” an infographic that visualizes the scores of the 30 sub-Saharan and North African countries covered in…


Mo Ibrahim Foundation: 2012 Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG)

  Website: The IIAG provides an annual assessment of governance performance in Africa. Funded and led by an African institution, and consisting of 88 indicators drawn from 23 independent international data providers, the IIAG is…


Meet The Man Who Is Grooming Africa’s Next Generation Of Leaders (

Ghanaian-born serial entrepreneur, business consultant and McKinsey alumnus, co-founded the African Leadership Academy to address one of Africa’s most prevalent and daunting problems: a deficit of effective, ethical, visionary and accountable leaders. Read article:

Africa Progress Report 2012 – Africa Progress Panel

MAY 2012 – AFRICA PROGRESS REPORT 2012 Jobs, Justice and Equity: Seizing opportunities in times of global change The 2012 Africa Progress Report, launched today by the Africa Progress Panel,…

Global Witness: World Bank refuses to review support for logging in tropical rainforests despite criticism from its own independent evaluators

The World Bank Board of Directors has blocked a call by independent evaluators to review the outcomes of the Bank’s support for industrial-scale logging in tropical rainforests. The evaluators concluded…


The Economist: The missing $20 trillion, How to stop companies and people dodging tax, in Delaware as well as Grand Cayman

CIVILISATION works only if those who enjoy its benefits are also prepared to pay their share of the costs. People and companies that avoid tax are therefore unpopular at the…

Transformation Index BTI 2012: Country Reports

  Country reports provide detailed information on the factors of assessment for each country examined, such as the status of development, problems specific to the country and management performance and…

PWYP: Mobilising natural resource revenues for development

Governance of natural resources has climbed the development agenda for a decade. This trend will continue into 2013 and beyond for three main reasons. Read article: