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Epiphanies from Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Nigeria’s finance minister on resource curses, African growth, and why America shouldn’t be so smug about corruption. FOREIGN POLICY. MARCH/APRIL 2013. INTERVIEW BY JOSHUA E. KEATING It was hardly the best of…


The Other Resource Curse – Moving away from fossil fuels could be devastating for some of the world’s poorest countries.

Foreign Policy. BY MICHAEL LEVI |  FEBRUARY 7, 2013 For as long as people have talked about moving beyond fossil fuels, another tantalizing prospect has hovered over the horizon: the decline of…


Chinua Achebe: A Poet of Global Encounters

APRIL 5, 2013 BY JESSE WEAVER SHIPLEY The first time I met Chinua Achebe I had just started teaching at Bard College, where I had been hired as Director of Africana Studies….


Legitimacy through Regional Governance: The African Union

Noele Crossley analyses the challenges facing the African Union as it works towards becoming an importance force for regional stability and local legitimacy. This post originally appeared on Global Policy. Noele…


Can Africa become the new Persian Gulf?

LSE’s Raj Verma says West African oil is on the rise. A version of this article originally appeared on the LSE IDEAS blog. Oil prices have increased dramatically since the beginning of…


Managing Risks In The Extractive Industries

Lionel Badal. African Arguments (Royal African Society). October 25, 2012 Rising demand fuelled by emerging countries, most notoriously China and India, has led to increased competition for natural resources. Despite recurrent volatility…


Time To Improve State Participation In Africa’s Extractive Industries

Zanele Hlatshwayo. African Arguments (Royal African Society). October 12, 2012 The rise in commodities prices over the past decade (referred to by some economists as the ‘commodities super-cycle’) has led to a…


Beijing, a Boon for Africa

  Dambisa Moyo. New York Times. June 27, 2012 In June 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gave a speech in Zambia warning of a “new colonialism” threatening the…


Guinea, Making Contracts Public for Greater Transparency, Accountability – Revenue Watch Institute

15 February 2013 NEW YORK/CONAKRY, Guinea—The government of Guinea’s online publication today of its contracts with mining companies brings significant transparency to the most important part of the country’s economy and advances…

UN Discussion Tackles Good Governance and Development

Revenue Watch Institute. 5 February 2013 Last night, RWI President Daniel Kaufmann participated in a panel discussion at the United Nations that confronted the question: “Is good governance good for development?”…