Best Practices for Diaspora Organizations

University of London’s Dr. Sebastiana Etzo shares the results of a survey of 55 European-based African diaspora organizations that identified best practices in diaspora development initiatives. 

At the University of London’s Center of African Studies we recently surveyed African diaspora organizations in order to identify a list of commonly accepted good practices in diaspora development initiatives and to collect specific examples of successful projects implemented by the diasporas. Fifty-five European-based African diaspora organizations participated in our study; most of these organizations are located in France, Belgium, or Germany, though we also had participation from groups in Spain, Lithuania, Malta, Switzerland, and Italy.

Although all of these organizations are working to give back to their homelands, they are immensely diverse in terms of their size and scope, initiatives, perceptions of development, capacity or ability to access resources, and the challenges they face. Despite these differences, however, all of the diaspora organizations we surveyed seemed to agree on the key factors that contribute to the successful outcome of a project. Here, I would like to discuss some of these factors and why they are important. …Continue Reading…

From: International diaspora Engagement Alliance (IdEA) Blog.

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